Join The Patrol

What Is A Patroller?

Commonly known as a Ski Patroller or Mountain Patroller, an individual assigned to the Patrol is responsible for ensuring skier and snowboarder safety. This may include placing hazard signs, setting rope lines, responding to injured skiers or snowboarders, and enforcing the Skiers Code.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Patroller?

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Medical training, including Outdoor Emergency Care, Emergency Medical Technician, Wilderness First Responder, Registered Nurse, Physician
  • Intermediate skiing or snowboarding ability
  • Commit to 10 days per season
  • Participate in annual training

What Is A Day Like On Patrol?

0800: Report to Lee Canyon First Aid Room (FAR) and get ready for the day
0830: Boots on/Morning briefing and weather update
0840: Set up the mountain. This includes setting rope lines, placing hazard signs, and checking emergency equipment.
0900: Mountain opens for customers.
1000: Daily training
1600: Last chair
1610: Sweep the mountain of guests
1630: Evening debriefing
1645: Head home

Do I Have To Ski To Be A Patroller?

No! This is a common misconception about Patrollers. You can snowboard and be a Patroller! And if you cannot ski or snowboard we can still use you. Auxiliary patrollers are an important part of our team. As an auxiliary patroller you will undergo a lot of the same training, but you will be assigned to one of our two First Aid Rooms and not be used in an on the hill capacity. Auxiliary patrollers help keep our patrollers on the mountain.

What Are Some Of The Benefits To Patrolling?

People join the Patrol for various reasons, however we all share some amazing benefits. Benefits vary based on how long you have served on the Patrol, but can include:

  • Free skiing and snowboarding at Lee Canyon. Patrollers are issued a season pass that can be used while on or off duty.
  • Free skiing and snowboarding at resorts throughout the country.
  • Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) training.
  • Annual refresher training.
  • Season passes for qualified family members.
  • Product testing passes.
  • Discounts at Lee Canyon’s cafeteria, gift shop, and repair shop.
  • Professional discounts on various items through the National Ski Patrol.
  • The feeling that comes with saving a life.

How Do I Become A Patroller?

Are you looking to become a Paid Patroller or Volunteer Patroller?

Paid Patroller

Paid Patrollers are hired through Lee Canyon. To apply for a Paid Patroller position please apply online at

Volunteer Patroller

Volunteers make up the majority of the Patrol at Lee Canyon. To become a Volunteer Patroller you must:

  • Use the interest form below so we can contact you.
  • Complete some kind of medical training. This can include Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), Wilderness First Responder (WFR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Registered Nurse, or Physician.
  • Patrol Candidates with medical training will be required to challenge the OEC course. This involves a written test and 6 skill stations similar to the NREMT skill testing stations.
  • Complete on the hill training. This typically includes training in chair evacuation, avalanche rescue, and toboggan handling.

Where Can I Get The Required Medical Training?

Each year the Patrol hosts an Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) course. This course is a hybrid course with a mixture of training online and on the mountain. The patrol hosts three OEC tests per year. The Patrol will also accept other forms of medical training, including Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). For more information on EMT courses, click here.