Nominate a Patroller

We rely on nominations from the public and fellow employees to recognize patrollers who go above and beyond.

Awards Categories:

  1. General Commendation: Did you catch a patroller doing something amazing or want to recognize a patroller for something? Submit a General Commendation which gets sent to our Board of Directors and the patroller will be recognized for their efforts.
  2. Paid Patroller of the Year: Awarded to the most outstanding paid patroller who consistently demonstrates exceptional dedication and service.
  3. Volunteer Patroller of the Year: Recognizing the remarkable contributions of our volunteer patrollers who generously dedicate their time and effort to ensure safety and assistance on patrol.
  4. Candidate of the Year: Awarded to the most promising candidate who has shown exemplary potential and commitment during their training and patrol duties.
  5. Golden C-Collar Award: Sometimes humor finds its way onto patrol duty. The Golden C-Collar Award celebrates those moments of levity and camaraderie among our team. Did you witness a patroller doing something funny? Nominate them for this special recognition!

Award Nomination Form