OEC Cycle B Refresher

This is the Cycle A Refresher for OEC Technicians and attendance is required. Classroom OEC refresher.

This year we will once again be conducting a hybrid refresher. Hybrid refresher is composed of three parts, all are equally as important and are required to receive credit for successful completion. OEC Cycle A workbook, attached is a PDF in case it was misplaced or never arrived. Online portion of the refresher will be available after August 1, 2018, more details on that later. Practical in person skills sign off September 29th, 2018. 

What to bring:    

  • Completed OEC Cycle B workbook (Click for PDF file)
  • OEC Cycle B online portion completed certificate
  • Fully stocked patrol belt/vest/backpack

We will have eight skill sign of stations and CPR refresher station. Most of the boring lectures will be covered in the workbook and online portion, come prepared to practice skills.

Your completed workbook and online completion certificate must be completed prior to arrival at OEC refresher. Contact Andrei Menchikov with any questions: amenchikov@gmail.com or 301-806-6840.

What:  Lee Canyon Ski Patrol OEC Cycle A Refresher

When:  Saturday September 29th 

Registration starts at 07:50am

Where:  Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Training Center
633 N. Mojave Ln.

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Prior to course: Register for course #F022180008 at www.nsp.org                
                         Completed OEC Cycle B workbook
                         OEC Cycle B online portion completion certificate

1. Per NSP you must per-register for the course #F022180008 online at www.nsp.org to be included on the roster and receive credit for the course.

2. You must complete the OEC Cycle B On-line Hybrid Refresher and print the completion certificate to bring to the hands-on refresher. Go to your NSP page, and choose the "For Members" blue box on the left. Then choose the last tile in the top row called "Online Learning". Press the big picture where it says: "Click here to enter online learning management system." click "Courses" at top left of screen. Click "2018 Refresher B" Work your way through the modules. 7 modules and takes about 2 hours to complete. At the end you take a survey. Once survey is done, press the "survey module" link and the certificate will appear and can be printed. NSP will also email you the link for the certificate to print from "Blue Sky" 


3. You Must Complete refresher workbook for 2018 Cycle B. I will be collecting completed workbooks at the door, workbooks will not be accepted after 9am on the day of the refresher. Attached is a PDF of the workbook.

4. Bring your fully stocked patrol belt/vest/backpack. This is a hands on skills refresher come prepared as if you are taking care of real patients on the hill.


5. Bring a check for your Region and Division dues. Amount due is $34. Checks must be made to LVSSRMP.  You will still be required to pay your National dues through the NSP website $55.


Pray for snow and see you September 29th!!!

September 29th, 2018 8:00 AM